The Capital Hotel

Terms & Conditions

1 Rates and Taxes

1.1 All our room rates are quoted in Euros (€), per room per night, they are inclusive of buffet breakfast where indicated and all the taxes, excluding the Government Eco-Tax. Any increases in Government taxes will be passed onto the client directly without notice.
1.2 The Capital Boutique Hotel reserves the right to increase the rates if any increases are imposed by action of the Government or any Government Agency which ipso facto will have an effect on all, or any, section or category of accommodations after the date of the reservation.
1.3 These rates are for customers travelling on an individual basis for leisure or business purposes and are not applicable to any groups or incentive company travellers.
1.4 The Capital Boutique Hotel will apply the room rates of the previous booking for any clients that wish to extend their stay beyond the period previously booked by the Client, only if the request is channelled to The Capital Boutique Hotel from the client itself, and only if the period is not including public holidays or weekend dates. For any other clients who request to extend their stay the daily rate of the date will be applied.
1.5 Suites and room rates are quoted per suite/room per night based on single or double occupancy and are inclusive of breakfast, if not stated differently.
1.6 Rates are quoted in Euros and due to The Capital Boutique Hotel, rates are inclusive of taxes and VAT at the present rate of 7%. The Capital Boutique Hotel reserves the right to revise the rates in line with Government increases to the rate of taxes. These rates are not applicable for groups, the rates are only applicable for individual travelers.
1.7 ECO Government Tax is not included. Environmental Contribution applicable from June 20, 2016, of €0.50c per guest per night spent in Malta, up to a maximum of €5 for each continuous stay in the Maltese Islands, on stays at all types of accommodation. This tax is not included in the rates and will be charged upon check-in or check-out.
1.8 Wi-fi is complimentary in all common areas of The Capital Boutique Hotel and in all suites and rooms.
1.9 Early Bookings discount is only valid if the Client provides the list of guests and values together with the requested deposit by the due date, failure to meet the deposit deadline will result in no discount applicable.
1.10 When booking, keep maximum occupancy rules in mind- two people max for rooms with a single bed (Queen or King) and four people max for rooms with multiple/sofa beds. When you are travelling with extra persons, Sofa beds are available upon request, subject to availability.
1.11 The balance of the full reservation amount is payable on arrival at check-in time. Please note that check-in cannot be completed until full payment and security deposit pre-authorization for the room/apartment has been received and approved.

2 Reservation Policy

2.1 Reservations will only be accepted provided that at least one guest (adult, +18 y.o.) name is specified and a valid credit card for a guarantee of arrival is provided. It is up to the discretion of the Hotel to accept name changes from the original booking if the need arises. The same valid credit card is required to check in to the hotel, but guests may use cash or credit card at check-out to settle their bill.
2.2 Your reservation is guaranteed until the day of arrival. After that time, it will no longer be guaranteed and the room may be reassigned.
2.3 The hotel has the right to cancel your reservation if we do not receive the Prepayment Deposit. We will send you a cancellation confirmation via email immediately after cancelling your booking.
2.4 To purchase the Company accommodation services, you must be at least 21 years old or you must be of a legal age, according to the laws of the Country you are visiting. Any bookings regularly completed, even if made by minors, banned or disabled, will be considered fully valid.
2.5 At your arrival you must show a valid photo ID, this is required upon check-in, a valid government-issued picture ID is required for Hotel Check-in and registration as requested by the law.
2.6 Only the room type confirmed by the accommodation’s reservation department will be offered to guests upon arrival. Should guests wish to have an upgrade to a different room category to that one booked, a supplement will apply to be paid directly by the guest at the check-in. Any change of room or suite will be upon request and subject to availability, change fee, and room or suite rate supplements may be applied.
2.7 In the event that the accommodation is unable to honour a confirmed reservation, The Capital Boutique Hotel shall be under an obligation to provide alternative accommodation of the same standard for the clients affected. In the event that The Capital Boutique Hotel provides such alternative accommodation, The Capital Boutique Hotel shall be deemed to have fulfilled its obligations arising from this agreement and shall be exonerated from any liability. Provided that the above shall not apply in the event that The Capital Boutique Hotel is unable to honour confirmed reservations because of circumstances or events of force majeure including, acts of God, acts of Government, explosion, flood, fire, accident, pandemic situation, war, hostilities, invasion, rebellion, insurrection, civil war, riot and civil commotion. In such cases, The Capital Boutique Hotel shall be exonerated from all and any liability which could otherwise arise for breach of the booking agreement.
2.8 Check-In Time at The Capital Boutique Hotel is 14.30 hours on the day of arrival of the guest and Check-Out Time is at 11.00 hours on the day of Departure.
2.9 Late check-out may be available on request and subject to availability. A late check-out fee should apply if the Client requests it in advance. If the guest doesn’t respect the check-out or agreed late check-out time, a full extra day standard fit rate will be charged.
2.10 Please note that a more detailed inspection of the room/apartment is usually made after the check-out time and we reserve the right to make charges for any damages or breakages found before the room/apartment is occupied again.
2.11 The security deposit should be released by your credit card issuing bank automatically in 3 workdays, but sometimes only in a 15-21 day period. The security deposit/pre-authorization is not held by The Capital Boutique Hotel, the pre-authorization hold on a credit card will be done just to make sure it’s still valid.
2.12 All guests will be asked to authorize a method of payment ( a valid credit card with the guest’s name is needed) at check-in for any incidentals not covered by the Client’s payment.

2.12 Payments in a foreign currency will not be accepted by The Capital Boutique Hotel.

2.13 Payments in cheques are accepted on request and only with a credit card pre-authorization of the same amount due.

2.14 Non-refundable rate: The total price of the reservation will be charged right away after booking and is non-refundable.

3 Cancellation and no show policies

3.1 Any cancellations prior to 72 hours before the arrival of the client will not incur any cancellation charges. If a booking is cancelled less than 72 hrs before arrival, 1 day cancellation fee will apply, the client will incur a charge of one (1) day’s services ordered.

3.2 Cancellation on the day of arrival or ‘No-Shows’ will be charged at full cancellation fees, the client will incur a charge of all services ordered. The Capital Boutique Hotel shall be always entitled to claim full compensation for services ordered from the Client.

3.3 Early Departures will be charged at full stays.

3.4 All cancellations must be notified to The Capital Boutique Hotel in writing to the e-mail address indicated in this agreement.

4 Turn away policy

4.1 In the unlikely case that The Capital Boutique Hotel has to turn away a guest with a confirmed and complete reservation, for any reason or reasons, it will be responsible to arrange accommodation for the guest in a similar category property. The Capital Boutique Hotel will arrange a courtesy transfer and will arrange to bring back the guest to the accommodation on the booked departure date.

5 Meals

5.1 Daily Breakfast for The Capital Boutique Hotel guest is included in the accommodation rate if not stated otherwise.

5.2 If breakfast is taken outside designated timings, it will be charged separately to the guest.

5.3 Room Service: breakfast or any other meal or drink, ordered through Room Service for in room service will be charged as per consumption and at the Room Service price list. A service fee may be applied for late night/early morning requests. Room Service is always subject to pre-order and availability.

5.4 Guests will not be refunded for any unconsumed meals.

5.5 Any other meal or drink ordered in The Capital Boutique Hotel’s premises such as its bar, lounge area, rooftop terrace or any other location owned by the accommodation company, have to be paid immediately by the guest or added on the client bill if a credit card deposit has been done at the moment of the check-in.

6 Marketing and public exposure

6.1 Before to print, publish or release online, any kind of content that can damage the image or the brand reputation of The Capital Boutique Hotel, the Client shall submit his content with texts, recordings, photographs, video, and any other kind of contents to The Capital Boutique Hotel for its approval. The Capital Boutique Hotel will not be responsible for any inaccuracies of the content and marketing material if the Client fails to submit it in advance before the final print or release offline and online.

6.2 The Capital Boutique Hotel trademarks and any kind of content (videos, photos, texts, recordings, etc.etc.) may not be used for any other purpose, this includes the distribution of any room/suite content through any retail website.

6.3 If The Capital Boutique Hotel is mentioned for promotions in any website, the name of the accommodation has to be linked to The Capital Boutique Hotel website Url : or any of the company social network channels.

7 Smoking Policy

7.1 In our premises smoking is not allowed. Confirming your reservation and accepting our terms and conditions you agree to a 150.00 Euros fine if ANY evidence of smoking is found in the suites or rooms or in any of the building areas such as window ledges, the lift, stairs, or the entrance area near to the reception. Please note that we comply with the local health and safety guidelines and recommendations provided by the Maltese laws on smoking in public places.

8 Termination of the reservation

Please Note: Immediate termination of the rental agreement is possible if:

8.1 More guests stay in the property than agreed

8.2 Excessive noise is made in the evening hours or at night

8.3 Sub-letting the property you have booked (or giving it to other people). The number of people residing in the rooms and suites should be the same as confirmed in the booking. Accommodation for additional guests may be requested at a charge.
8.4 A full room rate charge for each additional guest per night will be charged.

8.5 We reserve the right to cancel any reservation, without refund, if an unconfirmed number of people stay overnight in the apartment

8.6 The Capital Boutique Hotel does not allow any pets in its suites and rooms. A 150.00 Euros fine will be claimed if pets will be accommodated in the client’s room or suite.

8.7 The Capital Boutique Hotel is located in a residential building in Valletta city center. All our guests are asked to respect the property and privacy of the neighbors and to not make any excessive noise between the hours of 22:00 and 08:00. This rule is applied as per the Maltese Law so any late and loud partying is not, unfortunately, permitted.

8.8 The Capital Boutique Hotel is not responsible for lost or forgotten personal things at the hotel’s premises.

9 Damages

9.1 During your stay, all equipment and furniture should be treated with care and kept in order. Immediate notification to The Capital Boutique Hotel’s staff will be expected of any damages or breakages in the rooms and suites.

9.2 The Client is financially responsible for any damage caused to the hotel and its suites and rooms. A summary check will be made during the check-out time. However, a more detailed review of the condition of the apartment and all equipment and facilities will be made soon after check-out and before another guest occupies the suite/room.

9.3 The Client is responsible for any damages or breakages found that are over and above normal wear and tear and usage. In this case, a detailed statement of damage along with an invoice for the repair or replacement cost will be sent by email or fax immediately.

9.4 Any costs will be deducted from the deposit immediately if this is still possible. Any costs will be claimed by return if they are greater than the deposit or where the deposit has already been returned. Please note, immediate notification after check-out of any damages to, breakages in, or issues with the room/suite is expected.

9.5 The Capital Boutique Hotel can take any necessary action to resolve any issues and make sure all the equipment and facilities are working and provided as expected.

9.6 Damage deposit is fully refundable upon check-out and subject to a damage inspection of the accommodation.

9.7 The deposit must be paid upon check-in, in cash or by credit card, along with a balance and is fully refunded at the check-out if the apartment is in good order and the company does not have any claims. The costs of damages or cleaning beyond what would be expected after responsible usage of the apartment will be deducted from the deposit, and the refunded amount will be the remainder of the damage deposit.

10 Guest Safety Policy

10.1 As part of our commitment to guest safety, employees will not disclose the identity, room number or presence of a guest to anyone other than appropriate law enforcement. This includes the taking of or delivery of messages or indirect forwarding of phone calls. It is the responsibility of guests to communicate their presence and room number to any person they wish to receive calls or visits from.

10.2 Safety cameras are used throughout the premises, and anyone on our property may be recorded. The hotel assumes no responsibility for any personal bodily injury incurred while using the hotel facilities, where available. If you use the in-room gym/fitness center facilities, or other appliances, you do so at your own risk.

10.3 Firearms are not allowed in the hotel premises. Any guest or visitor who is in possession of a firearm on hotel premises is personally responsible for abiding by all applicable state and local laws with respect to firearms. The firearm must remain securely safeguarded at all times in a locked guest room or locked personal vehicle, except when transporting the firearm to or from a guest room. The only exception to the restrictions described in this firearms policy statement is for law enforcement officers and designated military personnel, who are on-duty and required to carry firearms in the performance of their duties.

11 Complaints

11.1 If the client does not lodge his/her complaint during the guest stay, with The Capital Luxury Suites management, either directly or through the local tour operator/agent and allowing for 24 hrs for the hotel to rectify the inconvenience at hand, no claims for compensation will be accepted.

Last Updated: This Privacy Policy was last updated on 15/12/2021

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